How to Play Rummikub

How to Play Rummikub: Rummikub is a game which is totally different from the other rummy games. Especially it differs on the basis of the fact that it is not played by using a deck of cards. It is in fact played with 106 colored and numbered tiles. They were first introduced by Ephraim Hertzano in Western Europe and America. But people are still not aware with the fact that how to play Rummikub.

How to Play Rummikub

It is normal that people do not know how to play Rummikub because most of the people have not even heard of it before.

In the modern Rummikub, there are 104 tiles which are numbered from 1 to 13. There are four different colors used for equal number of tiles which are black, red, blue and orange. There are two tiles for each number and colors. The other two tiles are jokers. Instead of having any number on them, they have a smiling face.

If you are thinking about all these tiles and assuming that it is such a complicated game then you are totally wrong. This is just a simple game and you will completely understand this when you will read about its rules and regulations. I hope you would give it a try for sure.

Object of the Game

If you want to learn that how to play Rummikub then you must know that what is the object of the game? You cannot play even a bit if you have no idea that why you are playing this game and what is to be done in it. Therefore, we have listed out some of the point which will clear all your doubts regarding the object of the game.

  • You need to get rid of all of your tiles in order to win the game. The one who does so at first is the winner of the game.
  • You can get rid of the tiles by melding them in the combinations on the table.
  • There are two possible combinations of the melding through which you can combine the tiles together. They are called groups and runs.
  • When you are making groups then all the tiles that you are taking should be of same number and different colors.
  • When you are making the runs then the tiles you are taking should be of the three or more consecutive numbers of the same color.

How to Play Rummikub

This section of how to play Rummikub is comprised of the information through which you can understand that how to play Rummikub easily. This is a step by step guide so you would not have to face any problem.

  • The game is played between two to four players and played clockwise.
  • The tiles are shuffled face down and each player gets 14 tiles and they keep it on a rack so that no other player can see it. The remaining tiles stay on the table face down, to form the pool.
  • In a turn you can either draw one tile from pool or meld a set or two on the table facing up.
  • The first meld must contain tiles whose combination is made entirely by player’s hand and the total number of tiles adds up to 30 or more.
  • Usually a time limit is set for each turn and after that the player has to say pass so the next player can play.
  • If you are not able to manipulate the tiles on the table within time limit then you must return the tiles on the table to the configuration they were in before. You would have to take back tiles of your hands and you would have to draw three tiles from the pool as penalty.
  • The first player who manages to play all the tiles is the winner of the game.


There are certain rules which should be follower as it is in order to play this game of Rummikub. There are just a bunch of simple rules which are easy to follow too.

  • You cannot use the same tile for two different combinations at the same time.
  • Jokers can be used as the substitute for any numbered tile of any color. By adding the joker, you can make a valid combination.
  • You cannot take a tile from a group where it combined with the joker. However, you can replace the joker with the tile it is representing to use it somewhere else.
  • There are two minutes allotted to each player for per turn.


Through this section of scoring it adds more to your knowledge to learn how to play Rummikub. The scoring is done very easily and it is not a complex thing at all.

  • Each loser add up the value of the tile left in their racks.
  • For each joker, it counts 30 points and for final value add it in the total face value of each tile left. The total score would be counted as a minus (negative) amount.
  • The sum of all the scores earned by all the losers is credited to the winner as the plus amount.
  • In the final session, all the scores are added for the each player and whoever has the highest score, declared the winner of the game.
  • In the rare case, if no player goes Rummikub and all the tiles are used then the player who is left with the lowest count remaining on his rack would be picked up as the winner.
  • In this case, each loser would add up their total value and subtract the winner’s total and the result will be their minus score.

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The step by step guide to understand that how to play Rummikub is sure shot easy to gulp down. You may not know this but Rummikub is also known with different types of names. It is also known as Tile Rummy, Rummy Tiles, Rummicub, rummycube, Rummycub etc.

Rummikub is all about strategic planning and some mind games. This is such an engaging game that it keeps you going for like hours. And you would not even realize it that when did you learn how to play Rummikub so well.