Duplicator: WordPress Plugin To Clone the Site

Duplicator: WordPress Plugin To Clone the Site, When a website goes online and start getting visitors, it got a reputed status. If we want to make changes in any manner in the site or blog which is live and can be accessed all across the globe, we can do in two ways. Either we can make the changes instantly on the live site without having any expectation of results or secondly by first having a try and then making the changes live to the global visitors on the website or blog.

Duplicator is a free plugin which will help you to clone your website or blog built on WordPress in the easiest way. Using it you can move your local site or blog to your live web hosting so that it can be access worldwide or to make changes in a live WordPress site or blog you can also clone the live site and replicate install on to local server for testing purposes or other reasons.

What you all have to do is to install the Duplicator plugin and packing up all WordPress site or blog into a single .zip file, which will be used later on the platform where you want to clone that particular WordPress site or blog. This plugin has been downloaded over 2,527,389 times and is actively has more than six lakh installs. Along with the popularity of this plugin, it is also clear that a lot of people who use WordPress for their website or blog also use to clone their website or blog for various purposes.

I personally also cloned my live WordPress blog on to the local server of my PC. Whenever I need to make big changes on my blog, I first try with the local server and then test whether everything would work perfectly or not if I would make the same changes with my live WordPress blog.

That’s why Duplicator plugin has played an important role in the case of managing and maintaining the reputation of a lot of websites and blogs and also in the matter of maintaining the quality of the websites or blog along with the care of service to the visitors.