How to Add the Arabic Keyboard on iPad or iPhone

In our tech-centric world, lots of language learners use their mobile devices to learn or practice their new languages anytime and anywhere. If you learn Arabic and are serious about it, then you should take advantage of your iPad or iPhone and practice your skills on the go. You can install a language learning app, listen to podcasts, read articles, and watch videos on the topics you are interested in – in other words, you can immerse yourself into your target language.

Besides, with iPad or iPhone, you can actively use your skills when typing. That’s why it is necessary to install the Arabic keyboard onto your smart device. You will use it when searching for verb conjugation, looking up words in Arabic dictionaries online or texting your friends.

Apple has included multiple languages into its smart devices so you can select and use any language you need or add an additional keyboard if you want to type in a foreign language. Keep reading to learn how to quickly install the Arabic keyboard on iPhone or iPad.

How to Add a New Language in iOS

Actually, you can change the language settings on your iOS device and enable any language you like and it won’t take you a long time to do it. Follow these easy steps to enable a new language on your Apple device.

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Choose the General tab
  3. Tap the Language and Region
  4. Select the language you prefer and your region

How to Add the Arabic Keyboard on iPhone

If you don’t want to change the language setting, you can just add an Arabic keyboard and use it when you need to type something in Arabic. You can quickly add or remove a new language keyboard if you do the following.

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Select the General and tap the Keyboard option
  3. Choose Keyboards and press on Add New Keyboard
  4. Select the Arabic language from a pop-up window

How to Switch between Keyboards

Typically, when the virtual keyboard appears on the screen, it shows the default language. If you want to change it when typing, you should tap the Globe icon and hold it to see the list of the keyboards available on your smart device. You need to choose the preferred language keyboard to make it active. This option is very convenient if you know several languages or learn a new one and want to use your iPad or iPhone to learn new words or improve your writing skills.

How to Delete the Language Keyboard

 When you use iPhone or iPad, you have the possibility to remove the existing keyboard if you don’t need it anymore. You can easily do it in 3 quick steps.

  1. Go back Settings, choose General and then Keyboard. Select the Edit button.
  2. Delete any keyboard that you are not going to use anymore.
  3. Tap Done to complete the procedure.

To help you have a better typing experience, here are some easy tips and tricks.

  • You can quickly hide the predictions if you tap the prediction area and just pull down to hide If you decide to use it again, you can pull the area up.
  • Want to delete a word or undo pasting or cutting? All you have to do is just to shake your iPad or iPhone.
  • Need to make corrections in the words that you have typed? Tap and hold the word down. When you see the magnifying lens, simply drag a cursor at the error and fix it.
  • When you need to cut or copy a word or paste some text, you can easily do it, choosing a specific option from the text menu. It appears when you double tap on a word or on a space.

With more 300 million speakers worldwide, Arabic is becoming increasingly important. Learning this unique language will open to you a whole new world of rich culture, history, and traditions and will be beneficial for your future career. Adding the Arabic keyboard on your iPhone or iPad is an extra trick that will help you achieve better results in mastering the correct spelling and developing communication skills.