6 Popular Types of Poker Games You Should Learn

Poker is a card game which combines skill, strategy and some amount of luck. Betting is involved as an intrinsic part of play which determines the winner of each hand as per the combinations of the player’s cards. The players make bets against each other depending on the value of their poker hand. You can play poker online for real money. Here are the 6 popular types of poker games that you must learn:

poker games

Texas Hold ‘Em

The Texas Hold ‘Em is the most well-known community game where two hole cards are dealt to each player at the start of the game, after which the players will have to wait for a board of five shared cards to materialize. Each player must make the best hand with a combination of shared and whole cards. The game is divided into 4 rounds of betting.

5- Card Draw

One of the most basic forms of poker, the objective of this game is to make the best 5-card poker hand that is possible after one draw and then bet accordingly. The player left with the best hand after the second betting round takes the plot.

7- Card Stud

In this game, the players are each dealt seven hole cards- four up and three down where the objective of each individual is to make the best hand of five from the initial seven. A series of cards and rounds follows- second round, third up-card, fifth betting round, fourth up-card, a down card, betting round, betting round and showdown where the players have to make the best five hand card.

Follow the Queen

Follow the Queen follows the same basic setup as well as structure as that of the 7- Card Stud, the only difference being all Queens and certain other cards are played as wild cards. The wild cards can change multiple times within a single hand and strong hands can become weak plus weak hands can become powerhouses with just a single flip of a card.


The Omaha game is divided into four betting rounds and consists of players from two to ten. Omaha deals four cards to each of the players and a board of five shared cards which are then revealed instantly. The objective of this game is each player has to make a best hand of five with two of the hole cards and three of the shared cards.

High/ Low Chicago

This game is played for the highest or lowest hand and can be played with many poker variants simultaneously. In high Chicago, the player that has the highest spade face- down will win half the pot while in low Chicago, the player that has the lowest spade face- down wins half the pot. There are many sites where you can play these variants and also play poker online.


These popular versions of poker are available online wherein one can play poker online and win real cash. Go ahead, learn these games and get going!