5 Important Fundraiser Steps and Pitfalls while Planning your Casino Fundraiser

Casinos are real fun places where everyone loves to go and have fun. To play games and try your luck can be very entertaining. You can have some great nights in a casino. But besides that, you can also use casino to host a fundraising event.

Now let us first know what a fundraiser is. So, it is an event where the host collects money and uses it for any particular cause that they like. It can be a donation to the poor or a donation to a hospital. The basic purpose is to collect some good amount to fulfill a cause as per the liking of the host.

Now casino can be a great place to organize a fundraiser event. The host can sell game chips to collect money which can be used to fulfill the cause that they have taken up. Many people can come and contribute to the cause while having a good time themselves.

But there can be a lot of problems if the fundraiser is not organized properly. There are many steps which one needs to take to ensure a smooth conduct and to realize the ambitions set for the event. If the proper steps are not taken, then there can be a lot of pitfalls and the entire event may turn out to be a flop. So, click here to look at the important steps one must take to organize a successful casino fundraiser.

Have a proper planning team

Instead of organizing everything by yourself, it is always better of you have an entire planning team. Each member of the team should be assigned a task so that they can focus on their job and do it perfectly. For example- One person can look into the law and get the licenses, other can sort the location, one can handle the guests and invites and one can manage the in house preparations while one handles the money. There are many other tasks as well besides these and it can be impossible for one person to handle all these things. So therefore you should have a team and each person should be assigned a task each to do things properly.

Follow the law and obtain all the necessary licenses

You should always remember that gambling and betting are illegal things. The games played at a casino fundraiser are gambling, and hence are illegal. There are authorities and laws to stop such events and hence your fundraiser will need to be an exception to the law for it to be legal. So therefore before organizing any such event, you must get in touch with the authorities and let them know about it. Take all the necessary permissions and licenses and only go ahead when everything is set in place and the authorities agree to it.

Only hire the best Casino Company

The casino Company which you hire for your fundraising event should be a top one. This is because the status of the casino Company also determines whether you will get the licenses required to host the event or not. A good casino Company will also help you to successfully organize the event in their premises. They will help you to obtain licenses. They will also help to make plans and work with your planning team. But if you choose a poor casino company, then they will not have much knowledge of it themselves. They will not be able to help you with the licenses and other organization things. Hence it can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Cost of the Casino Company

You need to look at the casino Company as you would look at a DJ or a caterer for any other event. There are some casino companies who would want to have a margin of your profits raised from the fundraising event. But this should not be the case at any cost. The casino company needs to be paid flat fees upfront and not a single penny later from your profits. You should only hire that casino Company which agrees for fees to host the event and doesn’t ask for any share of money from your profits later on. Also, they should give you suggestions to have a great event as it is what they are paid their fees for.

For example, the casino company should always suggest you how many tables you should keep based upon the number of guests you will have. They should advise you to have at least 70% of the tables, that is, if 100 guests are showing up, then there should be enough tables that 70% of the guests are able to participate and play. They should be on constant touch with the host and keep on advising if they need to add or reduce the tables. This is a must for the casino Company from the fees that they will charge you.

Handle the money yourself

If you allow the casino company to handle your money, then it will be a cardinal sin that you will be committing. They can manipulate their way with the money to increase their profit margins. You should set up a ‘bank’ and either you or your representatives should only be allowed to touch the money. A great casino company would also advise the same and would rather help you by doing things to encourage people to donate more and hence raise more funds. But a poor casino company may trick you into allowing them to handle the money so that they can get a part of it. Never allow it to happen as doing so can be a big pitfall to your event. Your overall earnings will significantly reduce and you may not be able to contribute much towards your cause which will make the entire event a flop.

Last Words

So we have seen how a few small mistakes can ruin your entire fundraising event. Therefore you should follow the steps mentioned above so that you can stay away from making little mistakes and avoid any pitfalls. Following these steps correctly will make your event a success and hence you will be able to raise more and thereby contribute more to your cause.