Wordfence Security: WordPress Security Plugin

Security is must for a WordPress blog or website, if you want your blog or website to be protected. Do you know, that there is always the danger for your WordPress blog or website or even any other website or blog which is live on the internet current of hacking and damaging?

There are many the of hackers and crackers which may acquire your website or blog even without giving a single notification to you. So, how to get protected from such thing and how to keep your blog or website safe?

The favorite plugin of a lot of WordPress users and of mine also has a complete solution of all kind of security for your WordPress blog or site right now. This plugin is Wordfence Security, which has over a million active installs and is being downloaded over 10,876,263 times.

The basic security features which this Incredible WordPress plugin provides, you are that it protects your Blog or website of any kind of hacks and malware. Let us quickly discuss out some of the security features offered by this plugin.

It simply blocks the attackers from accessing and attacking your website or blog. Moreover, it may entirely block anything harmful such as a Malware network. Also offers some premium options to get most of the WordPress security. It scans your website to find any kind of security related issues. It may scan your WordPress core files, theme files and anything that may have the security related issues and will give you the reports too. Isn’t something really great?

It detects each and everything that seems to be fake such as the fake robots. It also provides some catching features, which makes your WordPress site blog really fast. It will also give you various alerts about your site or blog. Such as the notification for the new updates of plugins and themes. If it found anything wrong with your WordPress blog or website, it will immediately send email to you the email address you submitted in it. What more you can demand for the WordPress security? That’s why it is the Best WordPress plugin for security purposes.