Vibosoft iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup Extractor Review

Everyone already know about second largest usable portable device. Here I am talking about Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod. These all products are very amazing. Under this review post, ”Vibosoft iPhone/iPod/iPad Backup Extractor review” I am discussing one common problem and this problem’ s solution. If you have any device, you have already faced backup problem. Under these devices, when you create your device backup before upgrading your device version and saving backup to your computer with iTunes library.  In this scenario, main problem is if you fail in upgrading process, you cannot recover your backup, all data will be loss but this is only one solution.

But here, one other solution also available, this solution provides by Vibosoft organization. Under this post, I am describing all features of this product Vibosoft Backup Extractor. This tool provides you incredible solution from iPhone/iPad/iPod backup problem. This tool easily extracts your backup which you can install on newly upgraded devices without any problem.

Key Features of Vibosoft iPhone/iPod/iPad Backup Extractor

1) Restore your portable devices iPhone/iPod/iPad Devices data without any loss.

This is major problem, if you upgrade iDevice or accidently your upgrade process is failed. In this case, you cannot recover your device data but backup extractor tools provide you facility, you can easily extract your device data in the same condition. Now you can say, backup problem is permanently solved.

2) Print out text messages conversion from iPhone

According to this feature, if you have any special messages or any type text data, you can print such type of text data by help of printer.

3) Support multiple file formats like SMS, Contacts, Photos, Music, Movies, calendar and etc.

This is second key feature of this Vibosoft iPhone/iPod/iPad Backup Extractor. If you extract your device data into your computer then you can see your all type file by help of  file format supported features. You can easily open your iDevice data and can check and process your data directly into your computer. I think this feature is also great, which provide you fully independence on your iDevices data.

4) Vary optimized interface, easily accessible and preview structure with details.

Now time is another key feature, this iDevices tool user interface is very easily means you do not need to take any special trainings or skills, you can easily access all features of vibosoft backup extractor tools and easily execute your task.

5) Easily extract your iDevices data into your computer in human readable form, which you can see and enjoy into your computer.

According to this feature, When you have compressed data file and you extracting your iDevices files into computer. These all extracted file, you can see in human readable form for example: if your data file is images then you can see images thumbnails and etc.


6) Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer or Mac

This feature provides you fully independence on contacts, because using this software, you can transfer your iPhone contacts into your computer without any complication. If accidently your contact has bed removed, you can solve your contacts problem by your contact backup.

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