How to use Google Drive: Complete Guide

Google is an largest search engine and mostly people used Google. And Google provide multiple products which you can used for specific purpose. Here I am talking about Google drive. Google drive is a nice product for collaboration, means here you can create document, save your document and share with your friends etc. inside this tutorial you can find how to use Google drive, Google cloud pricing and how to download Google drive application. Google drive provides cloud based storage. Here you can store your documents free. Google drive interface is web based and vary user friendly. Here you can easily manage your files, folder, documents, videos etc.


Google drive features

1) You can get 15 GB for space each Google account.
2) Share your document easily with your team member friends etc.
3) Create documents like word documents, spreadsheets, presentation, forms, and drawings.
4) Can access your file anywhere by your system or another system.
5) Auto save file when you are working on document each time documents are save automatically.
6) Easily access you mail documents, edit document and share.
7) Easily get more space on cloud but it’s paid service.
8) Invite other to collaborate on your documents.

Download Google Drive

You can easily download Google drive application only click on below link and download Google drive and install into your system. First of all you need a Google account for access Google drive and Google application without Google account you can’t access Google drive.

Download Google Drive

Google cloud storage pricing

Google provide various suitable plan for increase your Google drive space. If you want to check your storage how much you used then clicks on link.

Latest Google cloud storages plans:

Storage Monthly rate
100 GB $1.99
1 TB $9.99
10 TB $99.99
20 TB $199.99
30 TB $299.99

Step by step how to use Google drive

1) First of all login your Google account. If you not have then create account and login.
2) Open Google drive URL address goggle drive web interface are open
3) Create documents

• Go to create option and press and various sub options are shown below.


1) Create documents and show options
2) Create folder for managed files and documents.
3) Create word documents like MS office word.
4) For create presentations
5) Spreadsheet option for create presentation files.
6) Create form like information gathering form, submit forms, etc.
7) Create drawing files
8) If you need more Google apps then you can used this options.

• Extra security features for secure your files.

Let’s example, Your friend share a file with you but you don’t want to friend file into your Google drive. Google drive auto managed share files into shared with me.

• If you want to access your document locally then you can download Google drive application into your system.

Another Google drive use full options.

If you use Google drive web interface then you can see left side bar multiple option are available.


1. Option first you can use for upload any files into your Google drive space.
2. All file which shared with you. Here you can find
3. All share file with team member or friends.
4. Recently used file Google managed recently used files records.
5. Trash here you can find deleted files.
6. Offline, here you can find off line settings.
7. All item which in your Google drive.
8. If you want to install Google drive in your system then you can get by this link.

• Right side upper corner option and settings review.


1) History option, by it you can find all history which you perform in Google drive.
2) Options 2 or 3 are view pane. You can use it for change view design grid or list.
5) You can use this option for settings.


Inside options setting you can set multiple options like language settings, time zone, update indictor, storage, edit your profile, Google account settings.

6) Upload setting option, find options related convert document PDF to Image and file to Google Docs format.

upload settings
7) Manage Apps, for manage your available application setting.
8) Assign keyboard shortcut to perform easily work.
9) Help section.