Top 5 Pay Per Install Affiliates Network Website List

In my first Pay Per Install related post I describe the way how to work with Pay Per Install plan and how can you used it?. Today here again I am for Pay Per Install but inside this post you can find the affiliates network website. Which is gives you high pay for your installer download. All given websites are successful in Pay Per Install industry. Below you can find content about Top 5 pay per install affiliates network website.


Top 5 Pay Per Install Affiliates Network Website List

1) Amanatize


Amanatize is a best pay per install organization, which offer you best plans and high pay for your installer. Amanatize offer two type account group one for developer and publisher and second for advertiser. If you are site owner and software vendor then you can create your account into first category. If you want to create your account on amanatize, simple go to site and fill registration form information and after some process and verification your account has be approve.

2) InstallMonetizer


InstallMonetizer is another pay per install website. InstallMonetizer offer you many type software co-bundle which through you can create your software installer. This site verification steps is very critical. Same as this site also provide two types account for publisher and advertiser.

3) PayPerInstall


Pay Per Install is another par per install plan related website. This site also gives you best price for you software installer if user download. If you want to high price like $1 for single install then you need more USA traffic. Every pay per install website high charges for you US install.

4) Solimba


Solimba is also offer publisher and advertiser account and provide also great service but if you have account on solimba. You can transfer your account money when you reach target $200. Below $200 you can’t transfer money. If you have more visitors on your website, this is very beneficial for you gain more money online.

5) CashMyLinks


This is most popular Pay Per install website. This site also offer you best price according to your installer. This site price is very open if you have US install then site gives you $.70 and for UK install site pay you $.40 and many more. This site also offer best price if you have daily more install.

Upper given all website are most popular in Pay Per Install industry. That’s why i write all in top five pay per install category. If you have any other website which has place in top 5 categories please send me website name. hope you are enjoying my post about “ Top 5 Pay Per Install Affiliates Network Website List ” . Thanks for visit on my website.