Surfshark VPN Extension Review – How secure and Feature Rich is it?

Whenever a new VPN comes around, me being the privacy-freak I am spend some time using it, understanding it and its potential and comparing it to the already existing VPNs.

That’s what this Surfshark VPN Extension review is about, there are some pros which blew me over that I had never encountered before, there were some other factors which weren’t that exclusive but just average.

What are the prime benefits of using a VPN?

  • Your IP address is changed.
  • Nothing you do online can be linked back to you in real life.
  • You get better encryption and security for your Internet.
  • Hacking attempts are averted.
  • You can access blocked websites and platforms such as Netflix and even Google in some countries/states/organizations.

And well Surfshark too seems to provide for all of those features, and then some. So is it the right VPN? If yes, then for whom? Cause a VPN is a multi-faceted tool, it does a lot of things, in a lot of different ways.

That’s what I’ll be answering in this Surfshark VPN Extension review.

Downloading and Installing Surfshark VPN Extension?

Because Surfshark is a “browser extension” it doesn’t need to be downloaded as an .exe package, and rather can be downloaded for your browsers from the following links:

All you’ve got to do is click on the “Add to Chrome” button (in the case of Chrome) to add it to your browsers, a relatively easier and faster installation process as compared to general VPNs.

It also supports DD-WRT, Asus-WRT and Tomato routers along with letting you configure it manually should you want so.

Can connect to 14 Countries

Once it’s downloaded and installed on your browsers, you can click on the little “s” icon on your browser’s top-right corner to bring up the VPN dashboard.

This is where you can select the country of your choice, or directly connect to the optimal location by clicking on the connect button.

As of now  it supports 14 countries, with some countries having multiple IP addresses for you to choose from and hence even popular countries such as USA do not have a server, speed or bandwidth overload.

Military Grade Encryption

Surfshark uses AES-256 bit military grade encryption to encrypt your traffic, it’s used by the U.S military and a number of other superpowers hence establishing its authenticity and security.

It also provides IPv6 leak protection, it’s needed because at times our systems are forced to request a connection outside the VPN, and that connection is handled by the ISP hence leaking your IP address.

It further is armed with WebRTC protection, WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communication, instances when peer to peer connections are initiated such as playing online games, or sharing files directly are instances of WebRTC and it reportedly has vulnerabilities.

It’s those vulnerabilities which Surfshark VPN extension blocks as well, so you don’t need to have a VPN, a separate IPv6 blocker and then again a WebRTC protection plugin on your browser, but just ShurfShark, and it does all that.

Bypass Geolocation Censors – Allows Torrents  and Streaming Sites

Geolocation censorship is how websites are blocked or restricted, so that people from a certain geographical area can’t access the blocked website. Surfshark lets you unblock and access those blocked/restricted websites by changing your IP address.

Also, popular video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, ABC etc are blocked in some countries and those too can be unblocked with the VPN.

Finally, not every VPN I’ve been with is a Torrent lover, well Surfshark is and hence you can use it with Torrent without any unwanted consequences.

One Account, Unlimited Devices and Connections

What if you have 2 laptops, 2 cellphones and then your sister, brother and other family members have couple more? Would you need to buy that many Surfshark VPN extensions?

Not at all. This is one of my most favourite features of the VPN, you only buy the extension once, and then you can use it on as many devices and browsers as you want without any extra charges.

I deem it fit to mention that so far, I’ve never crossed paths with a VPN which was truly secure and anonymous and also provided “unlimited” simultaneous connections, so yeah Surfshark is a first.

No Speed or Bandwidth Cap

Most VPNs have a monthly bandwidth limit, after which you may have to face various restrictions such as speed, lesser country options etc.

That doesn’t happen with Surfshark. I used over 40GB of data on it this month to verify their “no cap policy” and it’s true, my speed and all other features were still the same.

Satisfactory Speed

Like any other VPN, Surfshark VPN too effects your speed, and to be honest no VPN on the planet will provide you the same speed with a VPN as you were getting without one.

The degree of this impact is what makes all the difference, so far I’ve found Surfshark’s speed to be more than acceptable as compared to other VPNs and the fact that with Surfshark you can stream videos which obviously means the speed is good enough.

IKEv2 and OpenVPN Protocols

Surfshark VPN extension is armed with only 2 connection protocols, i.e. IKEv2 and OpenVPN. Now from a practical standpoint, OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) along with IKEv2 are more than enough and extremely secure protocols.

But then again, some may argue the quantitative lack of protocols as some VPNs offer upto 5 protocols, protocols which are almost never used or understood, but just exist. So in my personal opinion, the 2 protocols are enough, and keep things simple rather than adding up clutter to the list.

They Do not Store any Logs

A VPN provides you IP addresses to choose from and mask your real IP address, but if it keeps logs the data can always be traced back to you and hence there’s never true privacy.

Knowing this, Surfshark VPN has a strict “No logs Policy”, meaning they do not keep logs of your activities, IP choices or anything else which can be linked back to you.


Surfshark VPN extension has 3 plans, the prices differ based on the time-duration for which you buy the VPN:

  • 1 Month- $5.89/month.
  • 12 Months- $3.95/month.
  • 6 Months- $4.95/month.

The lowest plan being less than USD $4, I’d say it’s affordable, cheap and isn’t overpriced.

It also has a 30-day moneyback guarantee which makes sure you get a refund in case you aren’t satisfied with the product, making it a risk-free privacy solution for you to try on.


So is Surfshark VPN extension worth it? In my opinion yes, it is. Because it’s extremely lightweight and simple to use, doesn’t keep any logs, is secure and allows for unlimited simultaneous connections.

There aren’t any major features missing, even the speed is satisfactory and based on these factors I’ve stated it a VPN totally worth atleast a try. And with their moneyback guarantee, you aren’t risking anything, are you? Do let me know your verdict on the extension once you’ve used it.