SideKick: Learn WordPress Practically

SideKick: Learn WordPress Practically, I was unknown to the concept that there is any visual teaching based software which can teach us the things online in the practical way. But one day, when I purchased managed WordPress hosting from Godaddy, they gave me the premium version of this SideKick plugin preinstalled. And that made me a WordPress master.

Basically this plugin has two versions, one is the free version and other is the premium version. Using the free one, you can learn only the limited amount of things. The premium version of SideKick has the great capabilities to teach WordPress to you from every edge of expandability.

If you are a newbie who never had any kind of experience with a CMS like WordPress, then this plugin may be like a boon for you. This will give to a visual practical tutorial of the things you would be going to use. For example, if you want to know How to change the title of your WordPress website or blog. Then this plugin will start from dashboard and tell you where-where you need to click for doing so. You have to click along with following the instructions it gives to you. This way you learn better.

I may not express all of the amazing kind of things which this plugin can do textually here as most of features of this plugin can only be felt practically. In short I may say, it will give you walkthroughs of perfect kind. In the official WordPress plugin repo, it has more than a lakh installs and has been downloaded over  361,974 times.