SEO by Yoast Plugin: WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plugin

Search Engine Optimization, what does this term alone says? It says to optimize your Blog or website for the search engine. In simple words, if you want to get traffic from the search engine, you need to make your website or blog great up to such extent that search engine would love to index it into the Top Search Engine results. That’s why SEO is necessary for any blog or website which is online in the World of Internet.

Now, SEO is something which basically do not actually needs a tool, service or software. But these things are really helpful in SEO up to great extent. Let me introduce a plugin with you which is SEO by Yoast Plugin that helps you to do the SEO of your blog. But how?

It may help you by giving you the right suggestion to optimize your content for SEO. What this plugin do is, it gave us a big box under every article we are writing up in our WordPress editor in which we can edit the things like the search engine display title of our blog post, its meta description. We may also know the status of various Search Engine Optimization particular things such as the keyword density which is one of the most responsible factors to gain traffic from the search engine.

More than all of this, you can set the basic things for you site or blog which you should do for the complete SEO. When you will browse the settings page of the SEO by Yoast plugin, you will automatically come to know about all of these ultimate features of this plugin.

Here is the link to the official page of the SEO by Yoast plugin so that you can understand and implement each and everything by the official resources.

One another cool thing about this plugin is that it available in 27 languages and 12 other languages partially which includes the Indian language Hindi also. We personally are benefited a lot in SEO by using this plugin for our very own personal WordPress Blog.