LibertyVPS Review – Get VPS Hosting by making use of Bitcoins

LibertyVPS Review: You might have heard of so many web hosting companies that offer their VPS web hosting services, but I bet, you will be surprised to know about a company that offers you different kind of VPS web hosting services in exchange for Bitcoins! Yes! You heard right! You can make use of Bitcoins as a payment option to get Virtual Private Hosting Services for your blogs and websites. This company is LibertyVPS. In this article, we are going to have a detailed review of LibertyVPS. We’ll briefly know what type of services they have to offer to their clients and how convenient they actually are in providing these services to their customers.

LibertyVPS Review

Ultimate Features That Attracts Us towards LibertyVPS

Here are some of the quality features offered by LibertyVPS that attracts us towards it.

Bitcoin VPS

I told you that LibertyVPS make use of Bitcoin payments, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t other payment options. Being an esteemed VPS web hosting Services Company, they have all other payment methods as well which most of the other popular web hosting companies have to offer to their customers. When it comes to paying online, Bitcoin is definitely one of the best ways to make use of. The reason being, these days the price of Bitcoins is increasing day by day and investing in Bitcoins will help you have a lot so financial profits for you. They process all of their Bitcoins payments via Bitpay and provide you their VPS services as soon as the payment procedure gets fully completed.

Moreover, their VPS is not like any other VPS; they have one of the quality hardware setups to support their servers. Thus, you can trust them completely without any quality of service doubts.

OffShore VPS and OffShore Hosting

They have their offshore facilities centers set up in the Netherlands country with all required proper infrastructures. They have all of their services in the Ecatel Datacenter there. This is somewhere in Amsterdam with a lot of quality mechanisms and high-speed connection lines. If you want VPS for any kind of high-quality needs, then OffShore VPS is definitely one of those services which you can choose from. They also offer simple OffShore Hosting under various web hosting plans about which we are going to talk about later on, in this article.

Privacy and Insane Setup

They care about the privacy of all the information their clients have shared with them. Thus they take care of your potential data. That’s why you need not worry about any kind of privacy issues if you are having an idea to get offshore hosting from LibertyVPS. They offer an instant setup to their clients. Once the clients have completed the payment, their system will be ready to use, and you will get your credentials. Thus by making use of them, you are ready to go on.

Features that will help you Grow Fast

They have all the required features to help your business grow with their VPS and Offshore web hosting services. Some of their premium features are given below.

CPanel Control Panel

Like all of the other esteemed and popular web hosting companies, they also offer proper UI solutions to control their purchased services. Like if you have purchased any of their web hosting plans, you will get complete cPanel Control Panel to get your hands on each and everything. Thus your hosting resources will be completely in your hands and you can make as much customizations with the services as much you want.

Light Speed Web Server

One of the best part of LibertyVPS is that along with the quality of services that they offer to their clients, they also have lightning fast connection lines for their servers. They support speed of almost a GBPS. You will all of the detailed information regarding these stuff on their official website.

Help Resources and Client Support

This is also a great thing that will loved about LibertyVPS. They have all the valuable information in the form of various articles that their client might be needed to have a complete setup with their provided services. You get detailed guides on their official website for setting up various things. More than all this, if somehow, you are not able to get something done, you can always demand for help to their Client Support. They offer quality support in various forms, for example chat support.

No Overselling and KVM Virtualization

They make use of KVM Virtualization to virtualize their dedicated servers to form virtually private servers i.e. the VPS servers. Moreover, as they have mentioned on their website, that they do not oversell their services. Many of the low quality web hosting services that provide VPS web hosting services, usually oversell their services and ending up in the bad balancing of their resources which results in poor quality of service to other clients as well. But with Liberty VPS, you do not need to face any kind of such failures as they avoid overselling of their servers. This is one great point to notice, why they are one of the best web hosting companies out there.


In the end, the thing that matters the most is the pricing. If someone is offering you some quality service, then you have to pay good for it too. But still, Liberty VPS has quite reasonable pricings and plans for their clients. Here below, we’ve given the screenshot of their official pricing plans chart which is mentioned on their website.

Conclusion – Our Final Words

Overall, after checking out all of the features and services offered by LibertyVPS, we can say, they are one of the best web hosting services out there in the market that you can get to host your websites and blog. The thing that matters the most here is quality of services and they are at the top in the determining the quality of the services they provide to their client. We are sure that you will have an amazing experience if you try LibertyVPS for your web hosting purposes.