JetPack: WordPress Plugin for Every WordPress User

JetPack is among the Top most popular WordPress plugins that are available to the date. It is basically a free wordpress plugin which you can download and install for your WordPress blog or website from the official WordPress Plugin repo. Accordingly, it give you the access to the features within your self-hosted WordPress blog which you can get on the platform. This is the introduction line from which the journey of this wordpress plugin starts.

The thing which I like the most about this best wordpress plugin is that it is a single wordpress plugin but offers features that even multiple plugins would be fail to provide. This wordpress plugin is offered by official parent company of WordPress i.e. Automattic and thus can be trusted and is already being trusted as over 1 million active installs of JetPack are there.

I have tried to explain out the major features that this awesome wordpress plugin will empower to your WordPress blog or website in the following points:

  • You can manage multiple WordPress sites from just one Dashboard provided to you by and can access via Jetpack. It is call as the Centralized Site Management feature of the Jetpack plugin that you will get within it.
  • Using the Enhanced Distribution feature, this automatically shares your blog posts or other types of content with the search engines and with other useful options and services to target more and more visitors.
  • The Publicize feature of Jetpack allows you to share your new blog posts on the social networking sites automatically without wasting your single second!
  • Offers a Related Post widgets to show off the blog posts related to your other content under various blog posts.
  • You can share you blog posts and content without wasting your time using the Sharing feature of this must have wordpress plugin.
  • One of my other favorite feature of this wordpress plugin is the Subscriptions. This wordpress plugin gives us a widget to add on our blog which ehn displayed to the visitors allows the readers to enter their email address and subscribe to our blog. Thus it simply attract more and more views and generate subscribers list for us without any kind of special management.
  • Coming to my most favourite feature of this wordpress plugin and the only reason why I firstly installed it for my blog. It is the Site Stats feature which displays up all of the things related to views, source, clicks etc.
  • Sometime, your website or blog may go down. Monitor feature sends you an email with alert whenever your blog or website will go down so that you can take suitale actions immedieately.
  • Photon feature is to improve the loading time of your blog images . It hosts the images on the WordPress server, thus simply improving the loading time.
  • The Protect feature included in this plugin simply protects or secure your blog or malware and other types of attcaks.
  • Post by email – You can Publish blog posts via email.
  • You can proofread your blog’s content for any kind of spelling and Grammar’s mistakes using the Spelling and Grammar feature.
  • ‘Beautiful Math’ feature allows you to add beautiful Math equations, formulas, etc. within the content you publish on your blog in the form of blog posts or pages.
  • Omnisearch (displayed at the Top) allows you to search all of your WordPress from one place.
  • You can let your blog or website readers to comment on your blog via logging into with Facebook or other social networks accounts via the Comments feature.
  • And many more…..

I basically use Jetpack for Security and Traffic Stats. But it has the capability to provide you a lot more and you can be free from installing the hassles of multiple plugins. It also helps me to reduce the time I waste in doing the silly things on my WordPress site.

Most of the WordPress and Blogging experts, including me, highly recommends you to install this ultimate plugin as soon as you begin with WordPress and this is going to help you in each and every stage of the journey of your WordPress web mastery journey.