Increase Your Business Visibility on Instagram With

Instagram is a mobile application for photo and video sharing. It also offers social media services. Instagram is very different from other social media sites in many ways.

Though, the number of users sharing about their business, products, and blog posts is more on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram still wins the battle of engagement. has found during the study that Instagram posts are getting 58% more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120% more engagement per follower on Twitter.

As per the study, it is very clear that Instagram audience is more responsive, and that is what you want because business grows only when people start talking about it and start taking interest in it.


As Instagram is a great platform to promote businesses, there are millions of people who have started promoting their business already over there. Thus, you need to implement some ideas to stand out and increase your business visibility among the crowd of other businesses.

In this blog post, I am going to share some tips to increase the visibility of your business on Instagram:

# Use Hashtags for Better Reach

If you are social media savvy, you must have noticed people using Hashtags whenever they post something as status update. It is good to use hashtags for a broader reach of your post. Suppose you use a tag #instgagram in your status update, and then whenever someone searches for the term Instagram, your post will likely to appear in the search result. This way, your status update post reaches more people.

I am a big supporter of Hashtags, but please don’t spam by adding # to every word you write.

# Build Followers

Building massive follower base is utmost important because if there are no one to check out your updates, then whom you are writing a status update for?

To get followers you can post some good ideas, share others’ posts, asking friends to connect, etc. Another useful way to build more followers on Instagram is buying relevant followers from good service providers. is one such service that offers Instagram followers at the most affordable prices. You may have a look at their plans and pricing at

They have different plans, and the most basic plan starts from $1 for 200 followers which is very cheap in this competitive market.

Apart from Instagram followers, this website also sells followers for other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

# Feature other users’ content within your niche

You want your business to go viral on Instagram. But that may not happen only if you keep sharing about it. It will go viral when other people start sharing about it too.

But, why someone will share about it?

If your business is already popular on other social channels, then you might not have to think much because most of thepeople will be sharing and talking about it. But, if your business is new and no one knows it already then they may share it from your status update only if you do something for them as well. And, there comes the featuring another user idea into use. Yes, when you share about them and their business or anything that they are into, then they will also talk about you and your business with their fans and followers.

This is how your business gets promoted naturally. Therefore, don’t just share only about you and your business rather start sharing user generated content as well to get most out of it.

# Showcase your talent

Suppose you are a chef, then showing off photos of different foods, recipes, etc. in your Instagram profile may attract more people who love foods. The Photos may not look promotion but still they can speak a lot about your talent and business. You will also notice that more foodies will join you, and that is what good for your business promotion as you will be promoting it to theright audience.

Final Words

Instagram has a lot of potential for business promotion, but you cannot just paste links like what you do on other social sites. You have to be very clever and creative to manage your profile, and posting status updates.

Above-mentioned tips can help you perform well on Instagram as these are proven techniques for especially for Instagram users.