How to Improve Your Typing Speed?

Hello Guys, today I am  here for how to improve your typing speed, Why I am wring on typing speed because every day we use computer for various type task execution then if you have good typing and accuracy into your typing then you can easily done you task with in very short time.

If you are a blogger, writer or an office desk job holder, you must be well aware of the typing efficiency that are required at the work place. No matter what the work you do if you use a computer, then typing speed is a must with good accuracy. Are you worried of your typing speed? If yes then this is your post. This post teaches you the best tips to improve your typing speed. On reading and applying this tutorial post you can easily learn how to type fast.


Benefits for faster typing:

1) Typing at a decent speed can help you get your job done faster so that you can enjoy the time thus saved.

2) Faster typing skills will help you gain recognition at your workplace.

3) If you are looking for a job of secretary, or administrator or any such jobs, they have a requirement of minimum typing speed that is necessary to get that job.

4) Faster typing skills can work wonders in the case of journalists, bloggers and writers, thus saving much valued time.

When I start my Blogging Journey then I faced lot’s of problem related to my typing speed and accuracy, and after regular practice and hardworking, I can done my regular task with in short time as compared before.

I increase my typing speed by help of various tools and regular practice. I an giving here some good tips which you can used and can improve your typing speed and accuracy.

How to increase Typing Speed

1)  Keep a good Posture

A bad posture can have devastating harm on your energy levels and muscles. Keeping a good posture is the mantra for getting a good typing speed. Sit straight and keep your fingers on the keyboard. Never type using your finger nails or tips.

Sit keeping the feet at the ground level. The monitor is expected to be within 16-29 inches from your eyes and its edge (top) should be on line with your eyes.

2) Master Touch Typing

Touch typing is essentially typing without looking at the keyboard. The user memorizes the position of the keys and then types looking at the monitor. Typing speed is calculated by words per minute. This metric is commonly used in all exams and competitions.

3) Keep Focus on your Accuracy

This is anothor most focus point, because you all typing speed is waste if you not have good accuracy, you can check your accuracy if you are trying any type typing software if you are working life then you can use Grammarly for working time. this is most trusted and useful software, this software provide you red indication when are typing wrong or grammatical mistake. I am recommend you if you are office user or content writer and etc. I also use this software. get your Grammarly service Today.

4) Use ShortCut Keys into Typing

Using shortcut keys to get the work done can drastically reduce your work hours and help you type faster. For example instead of typing you could get the work done by typing example in the browser and then pressing ctrl (or command for mac) + enter simultaneously which will get the job done.

Instead of manually taking the cursor to the nest dialogue box in a window you can just press the TAB and in order to return to a previous box press shift + tab.

There are thousands of such shortcuts and if you master a hundreds of them you can really save a good time typing.

5) Type once and for all and then do the edits

Being a blogger or writer you must be typing long posts at a stretch. Typing mistakes are common and occurs with all. In any such cases if your typing errors occur ignore them till the end. Once you finish writing it takes less than five minute to edit the corrections. Thus you can save time rather than halting for each of your typing error.


You can resolve this problem by help of Online Grammar Checker.

6) Type with Software

Typing with software to boost typing speed can really improve typing speed. There are numerous softwares that make learning to type faster fun on the go. is such software that enables type learning by using your sense of racing. Here you are given a car along with three to four other cars. The fastest wins the race and the speed of your car depends on your typing speed.

7) Join a typing classes

Joining a typing class can freshen up your typing and computer skills. It will be fun learning the basics all from the start along with friends and you can help your typing speed go.


What is your typing speed? Have you ever taken a typing class? I would love to know if you have any more secrets to faster typing. Please tell in the comments.