How to Save Yourself From Hackers?

Before some days I got mail from one lottery organization. Inside mail he mentions your email address selected in lucky draw and you got a winner amount $10000. If you want to claim on this amount please fill attached form and send me on same email address. When I clicked on attached file, my antivirus detects some malicious code. I think many time you got these types mails, these email have various type spyware, adware program. These programs track your all browsing history, cookies, password information, credit card and all privacy related ting and send to hackers. Under this post “ how to save yourself from hackers ” you can find tips and tricks


How to save yourself from Hackers?

How you can get spyware and adware codes?

When you spend time on internet, and searching something contents on internet. You can get automatically and manually get spyware and adware programs. Below I am describing some major way, which makes your computer spyware and malware affected.

1) By Email

Under first categories according, you got mail like money lottery related, bank load related, lucky draw, and various other types. Mail content is very impressive, if attached file has spyware and malware code. When you open attached file, malicious code automatically install into your computer.

2) Download software and install into computer

According to this way, when you download software form various site. Many times software attached spyware and malware program code. When you install into your computer, code are automatically install into your computer and track your computer information and automatically send to destination computer.

3) Directly hacker can install by open port

Many time computer hackers detect your computer by help of various scanning tools and find open your computer open port and install required software into your computer by back door. Hacker can install application which he required.

4) People which you know

This is another most famous way, which people you know very closely, he can install directly malicious program into your computer. And can track your computer all information. Which is you used online web browsing time.

How to save yourself from these types program?

1) Update always your firewall
2) Update regularly your operating system.
3) Install updated antivirus
4) You can use various types anti spyware and adware programs. Below I will give you most famous program which you can use for save yourself from these types malicious program, which can affect your computers.


This is anti-spyware program. When you visit this product related official site, here you can find two plans for business and personal use. Here you can also find free spybot edition.




This anti adware program this is detects automatically adware which want to install into your computer, this helpful to make your computer safe from hackers.



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