Download WhatsApp For PC Laptop Windows

Download whatsapp for PC laptop windows : whatsapp is a real time messaging app. whatsapp is most popular app approx. all people which is use smart phone or android based phones always using whatsapp application.

Whatsapp is first time launched into 2009 by  Brian Acton and Jan Koum. After a very short time this app having billions registered users, after couple days when whatsapp in very popular between android user then Blackberry launched his app based on same whatsapp concept which name is Black Berry Messenger(BBM). 

Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought whatsapp into 19 billion dollar. These days whatsapp having more than 500+ million monthly active user and having large number of database.

BBM have some drawback, its only available for black berry users, I think Whatsapp vendor cash this oppertunity for launched whatsapp for all platform like Android, Blackberry, iOS, and windows mobile phone.

if you have anyone upper given platform and you want to download whatsapp then I am giving you bellow Direct Whatsapp download link by which you can download latest Whatsapp application.

Download-by-Windows-Phone Download-by-iPhone-Store Download-by-BlackBerry-Store Download-by-Android-Store

By this application you can chat with your friends in a group or single and you can share videos and pictures. You can install whatsapp into your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, windows Phone and various other type mobiles. I think everyone knows the features of whatsapp how to use whatsapp into your phone now let’s come to the point today i am here for how to install download whatsapp for pc and how to configure and how to install whatsapp resources like bluestack etc.

Key Features of Whatsapp:

1) Voice Messages: you already know about whatsapp, this app is giving you service for send voice message by whatsapp messanger, if you not know how to send voice message by whatsapp then you can check bellow givin short video tutorials.

How to send Voice Message by Whatsapp

2) Images and Video: You can send unlimited Images, Videos, text files and another rich media type document by using whatsapp, but whatsapp doesn’t give you send files more then 16 MB, if you are planning to send any file by whatsapp then you need to check file size, size should me below 16 MB.

3) Share Your Location: Yes using whatsapp you can let your friends know your location by sharing your location,for this tap on Share Location to display the Send Location Screen you can share your exact location or near by places

4) No Ads: Many apps and games which you download from play store serve ads which might be irritating,but whatsapp don’t sell any adds which make it more user friendly

5) Make back-ups of your WhatsApp conversations: By Whatsapp you can create your conversation complete backup, by which you can restore your conversation it you have loss you conversation or whatsapp data, this is great features. for backup you need to go to the Settings menu, choose ‘Chat preferences’, then click on the Chat history backup option.

6) Send Your Chat Conversation:You can share your chat conversation with others via Email for this click on the Menu option in a conversation then click on ‘More’ and select ‘Email Conversation’ this includes even the pictures and videos

7) Hide your Last Seen: Privacy is the most important thing in case of any Messenger.Whatsapp recently included privacy settings using which you can select the contacts to whom you want to share your last seen,status and DP

8) Groups: Similar to Facebook you can create any number of groups in whatsapp and have a group chat with all the members of group at once

9)Voice Calling: If you are iPhone user then it’s very best news for you, before couple days whatsapp lauched new calling features for iPhone users, by which you can call unlimited call by help of iPhone.

If you want to install and download whatsapp for PC or laptop then you need to install some software into your computer or laptop. bellow I am giving you all necessary steps by which you can done your whatsapp installation process into your computer.


How to install or download whatsapp for PC step by step

Before starting whatsapp installation we need one application which is called Bluestack. Bluestatck also a most popular software . Bluestack provide a mediator interface  between your computer and android mobile application where we can install any android application and can managed any android application on any computer and TV. Because in hardware market various internet based TV are available which you can attach with your computer.

This core feature main advantage is you can run any internet base application on your computer and  can see result on big screen means when you will access whatsapp on big screen.

If you don’t know how to install whatsapp on your pc then don’t afraid it’s so simple you can done that process by help of some very easy steps, you need to follow bellow give some instruction. But I faced some common problem into installation process  like If you not have stable internet connection then your downloading or installation process may fail, that’s you can choose offline way, means first download complete bluestack offline bundle then run setup. If you have good internet connection then you can choose online installation process, below I am show both way and direct download link.

1) Download Bluestack and install into your computer or laptop

You can download whatsapp for pc by help of android operating system, or various android emulator, Blustack is best android emulator. Inside this tutorial I am using Bluestack player app. you can download this app by bellow given link.

First go to on bluestack official site and download bluestack app player. This application approx. 16 MB and install into your computer. After bluestack installation it’s application download some supportable files from internet which is helpful to execute app into bluestack.

Download Bluestack Online Installer

This is a best way if you not have faster connection or not like online installer. Offline installer is a best way by which you can download bluestack and can save this setup into your domputer for future use. Bellow I am giving you direct .mst file link.

Download Bluestack Offline Installer

If you successfully download whatsapp, then you need to install whatsapp into your computer,

Hope you selecting any one setup mode according to your requirement, I means online or offline setup now time to need execute bluestack setup and need very common installation steps like ( next – next – ok). If your installation process is done then you can see “Start Bluestack” icon on your desktop or laptop screen.

It’s means you have successfully installed bluestack software into your PC, Now you are ready for Whatsapp.

2) Launch bluestack application


After Bluestack installation, you need to execute bluestack application,  you can see like upper givin image on you desktop screen, click on this button for execute application.

3) Now time to configure basic app.

If you installation process is done then you can see same screen like below, where you can see two option one is Enable App Store or second is Enable app Sync. Here I am choosing Enable AppStore, then Click on Continue Button.

4) New windows open here you can set your google account. If you already have then you can login by your account. If you not have then create new account.


5) After successfully login, and some process you can see ready to go setup.


6) Go to internet browser option and go to google play store.

7) Now time to install whatsapp into your blusestack environment.


You can install whatsapp directly by whatsapp official site or can use google play store. And download app and install into your computer or laptop.

Download Whatsapp

8) After successfully install whatsapp into you pc then you can configure your account and verify your mobile number.


Hope you are enjoying my post “Download whatsapp for PC laptop windows “ if you have any query or suggestion most welcome. you can write your suggestion and query by help of comment section. If you feel this post having usefull content then please share that post on your social profile with your virtual friends, I hope now you having running whatsapp into your pc and chating with your friends on very large computer screen.