How to Create Domain Specific New Email Accounts By cPanel

Hi friends, today I am sharing one tips for you, last couple days before I got many users query about domain specific email address that’s why today I am here. First of all if you are not technical uses and you not have sufficient knowledge about domain specific email address here you can get valid information about domain specific email address. Many times I checked on various blogger email addresses. He is already has domain but he didn’t able to create domain specific email address.  This post also helpful to create and setup professional email address into and other email software. Under this post ” How to create domain specific new email accounts by cPanel” I am sharing step by step how to create domain  specific email address.


How to setup domain specific email address step by step

This procedure is not so big, you need to follow some basic steps which through you can create our domain specific email address. Below I will describing all steps which you need.

Step 1:  Login Your Hosting Provider Account

Under this step, you need to login your hosting provider account. Here I used HostGator hosting provider that’s why below I am sharing my HostGator snap for demo.


Step 2:  Go to email section

After successfully login hosting provider account, you can see your account cPanel and here you get lots of available option.


Step 3:  Select email accounts

After go to email section and select email account and hit enter then you can see new email related options.

Step 4: Available email options

                When you click on email account you can get email related available options, below I am describing all available options which you can fill at time of new domain specific email generation process.

 Available options:


1.       Email – Put your email name, like if you want to abc name then type abc into text box then select your domain name.

For example: your domain name is and you want to create abc user account the your domain email account format is


2.       Password    – Put your password here what you want to set,

3.       Confirm Password – Retype again your password

4.       Strength – This is indicate, when you type both password match and password has good complexity then you can see here green indication line.

5.       Mailbox Quota – Mail box quota show your mailbox user can has last limit of data size means user can get only this fixed size data, if user size are fill then he cannot get other emails and data.

Note: Complete mailbox size fill condition user need to delete some mails form mail box then he can get new mail.


Step 5: successfully submit all field then press create account

After successfully fill all field then hit create button, if you all enter data are correct then your new user email account has been done, you can see your newly create account below.


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