Why is my computer running slow: Know top 5 Reasons

Why is my computer running slow is a major question of computer field, because if you have computers, you already faced computer slowness problems. This problem are generate bv various causes, These cause’s you can remover by different tricks. Below inside this article I am showing all basic tips which you should know, after these tips and tricks you can easily find out and remove your computer slowness problems.

Basically when your computer in running phase, your computer manage various unique services in background mode, which generate lot’s og garbage files and temporary files into your temporary place. I think now you have one question what is temporary files?

 What are temporary files?

Temporary files are a part of executable programs, these files are generated when program needs to execute something extra into your computer. When task is done then these file occupies space into your temp forlder.

Top 5 Reasons of Computer Running Slow

1) Computer Garbage files  of Temp Files

 How to find temp folder and delete all temporary files?

You can easily find temp folder by help of one easily single steps only you need to type one command into run box and press enter. Or type blow given temp file direct address.



If you access your temp folder all files and data, you should delete all files by hit Shift+Delete Button. Holla your all temporary files is clear.

 2) Computer Recycle Bin Files

If you have low size RAM, then Recycle Bin can slow your computer that’s why you need to clear every time your recycle bin folder.

How to clear Recycle Bin Folder?

Under this section I am telling you how you can remove your recycle bin folder, first you should go to on desktop Icon, here you can easily find recycle bin icon. If you find then press mouse right click, click on empty recycle bin



If you want to know second way, click on desktop icon and go to recycle bin internal folder or files then select all and hit Shift+Delete button. This process through you can also remove your recycle bin files and folders.

3) Manage your background services

This is the main reasons of computer slowness, because if your computer has any software and software are in running mode then here you can easily find your computer all running services. if you want to know how you can optimize your computer services then you can check my previous post, under this post I am showing all necessary step by step demo process which through you can easily optimize your computer system.

4) Low RAM ( Low Size Random Access Memory)

Many time you can faced computer slowness problem by low size RAM. Because when you are running any system into your computer then your computer need a special size of RAM requirement. If you not have sufficient RAM size then your computer automatically runs in slow mode. Means you cannot properly run your required software. If you want to remove this Couse then you need to increase your hardware RAM size.

5) Running multiple software at a time

If your computer has multiple software in run mode at a time, in this condition your computer can be very slow. You can remove this problem by help of close unnecessary running software. After closing these types application you can feel your computer work faster as compared to previous.

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