Cometchat Review – Make your Mobile App Equipped with this PHP Chat Software

There is a huge upsurge in the number of social platforms these days. Users love to be a part of a network where they can interact with like minded people and enjoy being with each other. A chat feature plays a huge role in making this happen. In order to build and sustain a warm and engaged community of users, it is important to let them communicate in private. However, building a chat feature from the ground up is a daunting task and there might be complications that will take a lot of time to be solved. Cometchat is software which lets you add a seamless chat feature to your site as well as your mobile app in no time.


What is Cometchat?

Cometchat is PHP chat software that lets your users interact with each other and do much more with utmost ease. Your users will be able to do almost anything that they do with other standalone chat apps like Whatsapp or Google Hangouts. Cometchat provides them with the ability to chat, broadcast messages, sending files, voice chat, video conference and much more. They can even play games with Cometchat’s chat integration. It is certainly the best way to integrate chat and many more features into your site or app.


Top Features of Cometchat

There are a plethora of features that Cometchat comes with, each version of the software including web, mobile, desktop has some great features. Let’s see the topmost features which make it the most loved chat software by developers around the world.

Fully Fledged Messaging App

Cometchat works as a full fledged messaging app for your users. It has all the necessary as well as additional features that users would need to interact with each other. It is one of the core features of Cometchat as other similar software allows just one on one chats among users. You can also put out broadcast messages to as many users as you like.

Group Chats/Video Conferences

One of the best features that Cometchat comes with is its ability to let you chat in groups, just like other popular messaging apps. You can also create a video conference among your peers and improve the way you communicate. This is something no other chat software provides and thus if your requirements include group chats as well as video conferences, Cometchat is the best option to go with.

Play Games

This is an additional but a great feature to keep your users engaged in your app. Cometchat has a wide number of games that can be played by users when they are bored. These are HTML 5 games and come with full browser support. Thus, this is an added advantage of getting Cometchat for chat integration on your site or app.

Completely Secure

The chat mechanism is completely secure and ensures full privacy of all the users who use it. Even group chats can be password protected for added security on the user’s end. Cometchat promises a high level of security so that your users can chat with others in your network without having to worry about privacy at all.

Chat Bots

Chat Bots are becoming very popular these days. Even Facebook has widely adopted it in its Messenger platform to facilitate user engagement with brands. Cometchat also has some chat bots that can help you in many ways. You can ask a question between the chat to a bot without having to leave a conversation. This is an interesting feature that can be used in many ways for your site or app.

Multiple Platforms

Cometchat is available for probably all the platforms in which your services or network exists. You can use it in web as well as provide a desktop app for your users. Moreover, there is an app for Cometchat integration in both Android as well as iOS so you can use it in both the mobile platforms as well. You can avail the mobile chat SDK from Cometchat’s site to develop an Android/iOS app yourself.

Huge Plugin Library

There are numerous plugins and add ons available for Cometchat integration into your product. These plugins offer more features and abilities than what already exists in Cometchat. Search through the various available plugins and find the one you need. Implementing these plugins into your Cometchat integration is quite simple as well.

Why Cometchat Is The Best?

With so many features, an easy way to integrate and an exceptional pricing, there is no better chat software than Cometchat. It also runs on multiple platforms so you can use it wherever your users are. You can read extremely positive testimonials by various clients who have used Cometchat in the past and found it fantastic. Thus, if you need a chat feature for your users, trust Cometchat to do it for you. Even the pricing is marginally lower than its competitors given the features it provides.


Pricing of Cometchat is quite flexible and is available in different plans to suit your needs. The best thing is that the software comes with a one time cost and you don’t have to pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to use its services. The Professional edition costs only $129 and you get all the basic features of Cometchat. The Premium edition which is the recommended plan costs $249. It includes all the features of Professional and few other features as well. The Platinum edition has all the features that Cometchat offers including video calls, screen sharing, etc. and comes at a price of $499.


The Last Words

Overall, if you are looking for PHP chat integration for your network, Cometchat is probably the best option you have. It has all the features you would ever need and many more interactive features like the ability to play games as well. Even when we consider all aspects of communicating with each other, Cometchat provides those. The number of plugins is quite high too and you can seamlessly integrate them into your site or app. Thus, Cometchat is by far the most complete, feature rich chat integration for your network.