How can You be Completely Anonymous Online?

Internet privacy is just a myth to believe on. If you are browsing over the internet, you are been monitored every second. Each and every movement done by you while browsing is tracked by your ISP. Even the webmail services and websites you reach to tracks your critical stats. But worry not, there are number of methods to browse anonymously online. Use any of the below mentioned techniques and no one will be able to track you online. Your identity will be anonymous throughout your browsing session.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the most effective tools for protecting anyone’s online privacy. A VPN service is usually opted by number of people to hide their IP addresses for accessing the restricted websites in their country. This hides their online identity and helps them to browse through the web anonymously. A VPN user can easily stream through videos at high speed and access any website present on the web. VPNs are available at affordable price and some of them are even free of cost. If you are looking for the best VPN service then Nord VPN is the plan you should be eyeing at.

Proxy Server

A proxy server is basically a computer system that acts a link between your PC and the internet. By using a proxy server, one can easily surf through the web with anonymous identity. Your internet history wouldn’t be caught by the ISPs. If your proxy server exists in other country which is different from the country you are living in, you can even fool the websites you are browsing and trackers too. Proxy server generally masks up your IP address, so that it cannot be tracked by anyone spying at you.


US navy is the founder behind TOR. They developed Tor for protecting the critical communications within the government of the country. It is a network of several VPN tunnels that is used for improving the privacy & security on the internet. You can even access the dark web links using TOR. This hidden information might be related to medicine, drugs, child abuse or un-crawled websites present over the web. You can anonymously browse through the internet and no one will be able to catch you.

Encrypted Email

Some of the well known webmail services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc. are not at all privacy friendly. For complete PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) you need to sign up with a secure provider like Hushmail. You get private email accounts without any ads. Such types of services are built with unlimited email aliases and are well encrypted to secure the privacy. MyKolab is another such service.

Temporary Email

The DEAs (Disposable Email Addresses) are temporary and anonymous. A user can quickly create an email address, use it and dispose it when the work is over. It is a powerful means to avoid spam while filling up the forms on different websites that demand email addresses to proceed forward. These email addresses can keep your identity secret online and you can easily do the things and dispose-off the email created by you. A number of such service providers exist on web. The popular ones are Mailinator and Guerilla Mail.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the most effective means to keep your identity complete secret while browsing online. Opting for VPN can be really helpful and you can easily hide your IP, access restricted websites, access dark web, stream videos at high speed and enjoy high level of encryption to stay anonymous online. You must give it a try for once.