The Benefits of Big Data Complex Event Processing

Useful data is data that is flowing, reacting and constantly in motion. Keeping track of incoming data without letting it go to waste is a task that many enterprises have to undertake. Complex event processing (CEP) makes it easier to manage data in motion. Complex event processing consists of monitoring, tracking and triggering. Any enterprise utilizing big data processing should have methods for complex event processing. CEP can be useful for financial institutions and in information technology in identifying suspicious activity. It can also be leveraged as a powerful marketing tool

What Is Complex Event Processing?

Complex event processing is capable of combining data from multiple sources in order to learn patterns and predict events, such as threats. This form of processing makes it possible to weigh events against predetermined parameters to detect when something out of the ordinary is happening. When an abnormality occurs, proper actions can be taken to isolate issues and lock out threats. Complex event processing is an essential asset when it comes to cyber security and fraud management. By being able to process and analyze large volumes of data, threats can be predicted, detected, and mitigated more quickly and efficiently.

Why Complex Event Processing Is Essential When Dealing with Big Data

In order to manage all of the data coming through big data streaming platforms complex event processing tools must be in place. These tools make it possible for large volumes of data to be vetted in real time. They are capable of collecting and combining data from multiple sources to detect events and patterns as they unfold. Complex event processing can also be used to offer special promotions and deliver targeted marketing to specific customers. For example, if a campaign wants to target users who have completed certain actions or who fit a certain behavior profile, CEP tools can be used to set rules that will mark transactions from specific customers as special events. This can trigger the delivery of exclusive deals when specific customers are active on a platform.

The Takeaway

Integrating big data streaming with complex event processing creates a complete ecosystem of data reliability and protection. Enterprises can customize complex event processing to dynamically fit their needs. Customizations can take things into account the size of the data coming in, the number of users interacting with that data and the expectations of data on the business into account all at once. Complex event processing makes it possible to detect changes in data and trigger adjustments in action. These modifications can shut out threats and keep an enterprise’s information and assets secure, and can be leveraged to run efficient marketing campaigns.