Akismet WordPress Plugin: Spam Protection for WordPress

Akismat is also among the Best WordPress plugin which also have over 1 million active installs and is being downloaded over 42,832,692 times, making it one of the most popular WordPress plugins too.

As I have listed the purpose of Akismat in the above Tabular list which is the spam protection. Do you know what spam is? Spam is all what you do not desire to be on your site or blog. It may be text, images and in any other form.

Basically on WordPress, our blog or website may face spam issues in the form of comments. Spamming is all around. Do you know there are some silly bots and robotic programs which may submit spam comments on your blog. Most of the WordPress blog getting popular day by day receives more spam comments rather than the genuine comments. That’s why we need a solution for this kind of comments spamming problem.

What Akismat does to free us from the Spam worries is described below:

It detects the spam comments.

It filters the spam comments from the genuine comments.

It passes the genuine comments to be get approved and through the fake comments into the bin.

Although, it is a coded program which may sometimes make the mistake but not in usual.

Most of the times, it accurately works up to 99%. Being the Best filtration plugin, from every 100 comments on the blog, there are chances that it may only miss one comment which will be fake to pass through. Therefore, we have added it up in our Must have WordPress Plugins list. That’s why we can have trust on Akismat without any another thought.